Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tree Cookie Sculptures

 During the Christmas season, we asked parents and staff to ask their local tree farms for their left over tree cookies. All the tree farms were more than happy to give us the ends of Christmas trees for free since they usually dispose of them. We brainstormed several different ways the children could use the tree cookies. One of our idea's was to allow the children a time to create their own sculptures.
We placed the tree cookies on a table and armed the children with wood glue. Each one came out quite unique. The project lasted over several days, since the glue had to dry. The children would come in and continually add to the sculpture. We allowed them to add to it until the project fizzled out and the children lost interest. but the results are fantastic and kid inspired!


  1. I love this idea! We don't have enough tree cookies to use them in this way, although I wish we did. Ours are in a basket in the block area. I think I'll have to put the word out to try and source some more :)

  2. This is genius! I love the idea of using all of those tree ends that would have been thrown away or chipped. Creating 3d sculpture with these pieces is just fabulous.

  3. What fun! I will have to remember to ask the local tree farms for some of these next year.
    Thanks for sharing the idea.
    Found you all via Let the Children Play on Facebook. Tweeted this post too.

  4. I am glad you like the idea. We actually were able to get enough tree cookies for not only sculptures, but for many other things as well. We had staff and parents come in with boxes full. We were so thrilled to get so many.