Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Use for Gak

Mosaic Gak

One of our teachers made Gak for the classroom, and once the children were losing interest he added something so simple. Glass tiles!!! This is a great way to not only allow children the opportunity to create and manipulate different mosaics but it also offers a sensory opportunity as well. The cold glass tiles are easily pressed into the Gak leaving an impression. They can also be hidden inside the Gak for others to find. Seems so simple yet every time I turn around there is always children at this particular activity.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pulling Things Out of a Hat

While in the project room today, a few girls wanted to try something new. I had left over egg cartons and drink holders which I cut into pieces. Not sure what to do with them, we pulled out some scrap tissue paper, and got liquid starch out along with some paint brushes. So we began to decorate the pieces. Initially I felt like I needed a plan, but as the girls began to paint on the starch I realized a plan was not necessary, it was more about the process and not the product. I know that sounds like a child development cliche but it was true. This activity kept the girls occupied and content just picking out pieces and painting them on. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A little bit of home

I am a preschool teacher yes, but most importantly I am a mom. Just thought I would post a picture of our lil one going on 10 months. He has been such a huge blessing and light to our family. It is not always easy to juggle work, and life but coming home to this smile makes my busy day even brighter.

Tree Cookies

What to do with all these tree cookies left over from the Christmas season? Last year we made tree sculptures so this year I left it up to the kids. Of course painting them was top choice.

Even Children Can Build

One of our little friends on his own accord decided while exploring the wood working table that he wanted to build something. So I decided to stand back and watch him have at it. He grabbed four equal sized pieces of wood, he then proceeded to glue them together. Because the time allowed in the project room is limited I allowed him to be called Project Manager and placed his project in a special spot for him to come back to everyday, until he decides he is done. Currently this project is still going on. Stay tuned for the finished product.

 Wood Glue

 Time to paint
Our friend only preferred green for his project, and directed his helpers on where to paint and with what color.