Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Tree Cookie Idea's

This is one of our diorama tables, in which we placed sand, leaves, dinosaurs, and tree cookies!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Emergent Curriculum


It is worth the while to research Emergent Curriculum and Learning Through Play.

Professor, author, and child advocate Betty Jones PH.D. is most known for mainstreaming Emergent Curriculum in most, researched based early childhood settings. Many of her books can be found on Amazon.
As a teacher who understands emergent curriculum It is not always easy to explain to parents that when their children are playing they are actually learning, and that "Academics" is a dirty word. As a parent  we can educate ourselves,  to promote a healthy relationship with our child's teacher. It is also important as parents to understand that not all schools are the same. Just as we choose career paths that fit our personality, we should also choose our child's school based on our personal needs and expectations. We must understand that not all schools work the same. Where one school might be right for one family, but for another it may not fit at all. It is important to research a school before we send our children, know their philosophy, and teaching styles in order to avoid that uncomfortable situation when ideas between teacher and parent clash.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tree Cookie Sculptures

 During the Christmas season, we asked parents and staff to ask their local tree farms for their left over tree cookies. All the tree farms were more than happy to give us the ends of Christmas trees for free since they usually dispose of them. We brainstormed several different ways the children could use the tree cookies. One of our idea's was to allow the children a time to create their own sculptures.
We placed the tree cookies on a table and armed the children with wood glue. Each one came out quite unique. The project lasted over several days, since the glue had to dry. The children would come in and continually add to the sculpture. We allowed them to add to it until the project fizzled out and the children lost interest. but the results are fantastic and kid inspired!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Water Play

Recycled Art

This was a project done with the 5 year old class, after collecting bottle tops the kids glued it onto a poster board to create their own abstract recycled art!!!