Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ice, and Science

This was a fun activity in our Pre-K room. We froze Artic animals in ice an added blue water color. When we put this activity out we also included a cup of water and droppers. The only way the kids could free the animals was to squirt water onto the ice. It was interesting to see who had patience to stick with the activity and who gave up quickly. Those who stuck around not only got to free the animals but they got to see weather erosion in action. As they squirted the water onto the ice am eroded pathway developed, very similar to how are rivers and creeks are developed. I asked the question "why do you think water is melting the ice?" To my surprise they had the right answers. I received answers such as "because it is not as cold as the ice", "because it is water and it is warm." They got it. This activity include these following areas; science (solid to a liquid, cold, erosion), fine motor (squeezing the droppers), social/emotional (problem solving between children on where to squirt water, and how to get animals free).

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