Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to teach preschoolers about 9/11

9/11 in America is something so sacred, so painful, and so shocking that many of us cannot imagine how you can possibly share with preschoolers this topic. Well the obvious answer is "NO you can't." However we can take the time to talk about our fellow service men and women who help serve our country everyday. When dealing with 9/11 and the tragedy behind it, it is important to remember that not only were many lives lost that day, but it was also a day where race, politics, social class status, sexual orientation, religion and gender did not matter. Everyone came together as Americans to help one another. We all shared this moment, some harder than others but nevertheless we shared it. So I think by allowing preschoolers to learn more about the service men and women in our country, it is in a small way paying tribute to those who serve our country. Preschoolers have and always will look to Policemen, firemen, doctors and military as their heroes. You can see these things when watching them in dramatic play, or imaginary play. We can only say thank you to those who have served and pray for those still in service.

We will never forget....................

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  1. Hi! I love the post!

    I just posted a mini-book about sensory activities. It is for the ACSI convention on Tuesday. Feel free to check it out!

    PS- We miss you at our preschool!