Monday, May 28, 2012

Local Outing

Hello, it has been a while since I have blogged. Been trying to adjust with my new transition. Now that I am a SAHM I have been trying to find ways to still keep my children stimulated, as well as spend that quality time I desired when choosing to stay at home.
The weather is now transitioning from winter to spring and soon to summer. Which in California makes for awesome weather. We headed to a local spot (Kidspace). These couple of pictures do not do the place justice. It is basically a kids museum, which has tons of hands on learning opportunities. This is like a giant Dream Preschool!!! (No Joke). They also have a small river that kids can play in. They even provide the buckets for them to explore in the water. Because it was Spring we were also able to purchase caterpillars for our butterfly pavilion (picture coming soon). It is reasonably priced at $10 and they offer seasonal passes for a reasonable price as well. It is fun to find little hidden treasures to take the kids so that they still can find that preschool-like atmosphere. It was a blast! I think I know where we will be spending our summer.

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