Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Beach Day

 Looking for seashells down by the sea shore

Sand Castles are fun

I envy our Australian friends who have tons of nature right in their backyard (The Bush) ready for wonderful exploration. It would be a great thing for our preschoolers in the U.S to be able to enjoy such a thing.
Many American educators work hard to bring these types of experiences to our children. Here in Southern California we are so blessed to have the Pacific Ocean not to far from any point. Unfortunately most preschools do not get to experience taking their children there to often. On this trip it was a family summer day. As we enjoy summer away from preschool, we try hard to find these explorations of nature for our kid's. Even if only for a couple of hours, it always winds up being such a treat for our kids. No money required, just a blanket, a bathing suit, and some sand toys and were set.
Not only did we get to find sand crabs, and sea shells we also got to see dolphins swimming about! Such a great day.

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